Achieve Your Goals 10X Faster By Mastering My Powerful Formula

The truth is we cannot always control what happens in our lives, but we can control how we respond to these unpredictable situations.

Introducing "Achieve Your Goals 10X Faster"


  • Why Mindsets Are Critical For Success In Life
  • You Are The Author of Your Story
  • The Power of Imagination
  • Live Life Free of Fear and Full Of Hope
  • Take Charge of Your Emotions and Thoughts
  • Secret Formula To Overcome Everyday Life Challenges
  • Implement Good Habits And Kick Off Bad Habits

Please Look at All the Points Where Your Answer is "YES"

Are you feeling stressed, fearful and worried?

Do you get upset when faced with life’s difficult challenges?

Are your interpersonal relationships strenuous because you find you’re being so touchy and taking things personally?

Do you feel you lack clarity and are not sure what you want from your life?

Do you see the glass half empty?

Do you cringe when receiving constructive feedback?

If You Have Answered "YES" To Any Of The Above Points Then This Course Is Right For You

We often forget that we do have a choice

we can either succumb to life’s challenges and or our own limiting beliefs. Or we can take our power back, overcome our fears, feel brave, take more risks and develop a powerful belief that we can truly become anything we want.

This Is What Others Are Saying About The Course

I am thoroughly convinced after purchasing this course that our mindsets are the defining factor and play a key role in our success, be it success in relationships, careers or personal goals. Through this course, I learnt the power of my mind and I must say I have gained immense knowledge and strategies on achieving my goals. Great course Dr Sonia. Congratulations.

Richard Wells

(San Francisco)

Dr Sonia amazingly makes this course so easy to understand. I fully agree with her. If you can win the mind, you can achieve anything. My favourite module is how to stop reacting and start responding. Implementing these strategies has improved my outlook to life. Dr Sonia’s talk is packed with valuable information that I feel has made a huge difference. I used to feel like I am going nowhere in life but now I am willing to take that leap and start my own business. Thank you, Dr Sonia. Glad I purchased this. looking forward to learning more from you.



Just an amazing course, I can't imagine how much hard work Dr Sonia has put in creating this course. There are animations, examples, presentations. She has made the course very interesting and inspiring. After watching a couple of modules I just wanted to get out of the chair and start taking charge and control of my life. This course has helped me a lot. I use the strategies in my daily life. If you want to achieve more things in your life, I will highly recommend this course.

Ray Hope

(Sydney, Australia)

This course was very insightful, and I have had a lot of realisations about myself and how my mindset is stopping me from achieving my goals. The modules are very good, and I loved and keep going back to the power of imagination and the success mindset modules. Dr Sonia delivers the lessons meaningfully. I have already started applying these lessons in my life and I have noticed I am accepting and taking more opportunities with a relaxed and calm mindset. As an example, a week ago, my employer asked me to give a talk to the team. Normally I would be anxious and try and wriggle out of it by giving some excuses. But this time I said Yes, and I did deliver an excellent talk. This course is working on me. Continue educating and inspiring people Dr Sonia. God bless you

Annie Keogh


I bought Achieve your goals 10 Times faster course in January 2023 as part of my new year’s resolutions. I remember the eagerness of wanting to share the information I had learned with my employees and colleagues. This is the first course I have attended where I experienced training in all sensory learning processes, seeing, hearing, feeling. The use of audio/visual, Dr Sonia herself in the talk as well as the use of animation enhanced and increased my awareness, attention, knowledge base and I can say that I have witnessed a mindset transformation and I am willing to take more risks to achieve my goals. Our profits in the month of February have gone up by 30 percent which I feel is a marked improvement. I highly recommend this course especially if you want to experience a shift in your mindset and go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Janet Briggs


I purchased the course Achieve your goals 10 times faster as I have been in the same position, same comfort zone for the past 5 years. Deep down, I have been having this desire to change, but just did not know how to make that change or actually to be honest, was just not motivated enough to make that change in my life. When going through the course, I have spent time listening to and understanding the modules. The animation and Dr Sonia’s presentations make the course very interesting and easy to take in. The examples she provides are excellent. After listening to Dr Sonia, I revamped my entire attitude towards my goals and life. I changed everything from how I perceive myself, to my behaviour and attitude towards the outside world. It is mindboggling how such a powerful course can instantly and easily move you from comfort zone to action mode. Without doubt and not said lightly, Dr Sonia’s Achieve Your Goals 10 Times faster has changed my life. I feel like I have such an advantage now.

Simon Lo

(Melbourne, Australia)

After This Course, I Guarantee that You Will:

Be unstoppable! Feel confident that you can overcome any challenges you face.

Take your power back and stop letting other people decide what you can and can’t do and how you feel about yourself.

Be absolutely clear about what you REALLY want from your life (your dreams, needs, wants) and get ready to pursue them.

Develop a strong self- belief using the power of imagination to create the life you have always dreamt of

Love your life! Empower yourself in any moment using positive self-talk, body language and meditation to build confidence, passion and an enviable “can do” attitude towards life.

Get unstuck! Learn powerful kept secrets to kick off bad habits and limiting self-beliefs that stop you from reaching your goals.

Here Is a Little Preview...

By the End of This Course, You Will Get:

In this course, YOU WILL

  • Learn successful strategies on how to turn challenges and setbacks into growth opportunities that will propel your progress 10X faster towards your goals.
  • Develop a powerful sense of self-belief and confidence, instead of wasting precious, valuable time over mind blocks such as fear, negative thoughts, expectations, criticisms.
  • Learn that by shifting your mindset, you will reap huge rewards both in your personal life and in your career. By the time you finish the course, I guarantee that you will have an unstoppable attitude and you will be on your way to a happier, more fulfilling life.
  • Develop new creative methods of imagination and realise your true full potential. Through awareness, you will gain powerful clarity on what your goals are and what direction you need to take to achieve your goals.
  • Uncover underlying triggers behind your emotional reactivity. By adopting a new mindset, you will experience a radical shift in life by having less emotional disturbances, better and fulfilling relationships with your loved ones and feeling more in control of your thoughts and emotions.
  • Change your story. You are the author of your book. Without being fully aware, you can write your life book, filled with chapters of setbacks, challenges, disappointments. By default, you have created a story filled with drama, tragedies, horrors and suspense.

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My Motivational E-Book

The Confused Mind: The Golden Key To Lasting Happiness And Success.

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50 Powerful quotes

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5 Powerful Strategies on Goal Setting

Total Worth: $999+

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