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The Confused Mind by Sonia Shah (Digital Download Version)

Many of us feel lost, unsure and confused about our own needs and goals. We struggle to meet expectations and gain approval, and we battle with recurrent thoughts of past regrets. Even when we discover our goals, we deal with criticism, challenges and failures along the way. All of this takes a serious toll on our minds.

But what if you made small positive changes by following a simple
program and changed everything?

In The Confused Mind, Dr. Sonia Shah reveals the golden key to lasting happiness and success. It is a motivational, powerful book that will challenge you to rethink your life and gain a deeper understanding of
the root cause of confusion in your mind.

Imagine waking up every day feeling excited, happy, focused and in
control of your own life, supercharged, energised and ready to attract and embrace opportunities.

This book has changed the life of many readers and will do the same if you embrace it. Don’t be afraid of that change – act now and live the
life you were always supposed to live.”

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